Lawinger & Jacob, LLC, vigorously represents those who are injured by others. If you have been hurt in a car crash, Lawinger & Jacob, LLC, can help. You do not have to accept whatever the insurance company has proposed. Contact Lawinger & Jacob, LLC, to discuss your options and get the facts.

Lawinger & Jacob, LLC understands after a person gets injured they are overwhelmed with medical bills, lost wages, and other financial burdens due to someone else’s fault. The insurance companies represent the insurance company’s interests. Routinely, medical bills exceed the amount an insurance company is even willing to pay. An injured party needs someone on their side. With an experienced office staff and access to investigators and experts, Lawinger & Jacob, LLC has the tools to fight for you. You can expect Lawinger & Jacob, LLC to provide you with guidance that you understand and take a very practicable approach to personal injury cases. Lawinger & Jacob, LLC will demand and fight for a fair settlement or jury verdict.

There are time limits that are set by law in which you have to adhere by or your claim can be forever barred. Lawinger & Jacob, LLC offers a free office conference on all personal injury cases and there is no fee to you unless a recovery is made.

Lawinger & Jacob, LLC has recovered millions of dollars for clients in the past. We have successfully litigated all types of personal injury matters, including automobile accidents, truck and bus accidents, product liability, slips and falls, premises liability, Dram Shop liability, and pedestrian accidents.